Do All Movies Make Money?

This topic is exactly why I created this website.  What I like to do most is discuss everyday happenings and occurrences in extreme detail.  But not just any happenings and occurrences.  I’m talking about the stuff that nobody else really takes the time to think about.  They go about their days and fall into their boring routines and live their dull lives without taking a second to smell the roses or put any extra thought into anything.  I pity all of you.  But thankfully I think about lots of things, even the little things.  That’s my speciality.

There are a lot of movies.  Think about that.  There are always 12-15 movies out in theaters with new ones coming and old ones going.  How many movies have been made?  A million?  Seems too much.  Over 100 thousand, has to be.  And the percentage of those movies that are good is overwhelmingly low.  Most movies stink.  That’s why the good ones get recognized and the great ones are immortalized.  So, naturally, my brain zoned in on this and I’ve been spending far too much time thinking about the trivial details of the movie industry.  For example, do all movies, bad ones included, make money?  Can’t be possible.

I haven’t the slightest idea what it costs to film the average motion picture.  You have movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars and Avatar that require hundreds of millions of dollars.  And then a movie like Paranormal Activity costs roughly $11.40.  The spectrum is all over the place.  But cheap movies can still be good, and expensive ones can be disasters.  So when it comes to making a net profit, your guess is as good as mine in terms of numbers.  But that doesn’t change the fact that they continue to pump out abysmal exorcist movies and repetitive sci-fi flicks.  I would include bad comedies in that list, but my instincts tell me that comedies will put asses in the seats no matter how unfunny they are.

I realize that I’ve been belaboring my question and repeating the same points over and over again.  But in conclusion it is my educated opinion that NOT all movies make money.  That’s my position, and I’m sticking to it unless some cinematic hot shot delivers a hand written letter with bar graphs, financial statements, and notarized documents.  Perhaps everyone assumes this already, but I highly doubt anyone’s actually thought about it.  No WAY all movies make money.

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