Shia LaBeouf Will Be Live Streaming His Anti-Trump Protest For 4 Years

Live stream link


What can I say that I haven’t already said about my guy Shia LaBeouf?  Well, for starters, this new project of his is actually quite different than previous ones (i.e. 24-hour marathon of him watching his own movies in the movie theater).  His current endeavor is heavily influenced by the recent results of the presidential election and the weeks/events since then.

The other day at a pop-up rally in NYC (this location), he got in the face of a white supremacist and nearly ripped his fucking eyeballs out.  It was incredible.  For a minute it actually looked like they were on the same team despite the yelling, similar to a locker room pump up speech where teammates start head butting and possibly punching each other.  But if you go back to the beginning, you can CLEARLY hear the guy whisper “14/88”.  Google that if you’re not privy to how fucked up that is.  Fuck that guy (who happened to look like Vince Lombardi for some reason).  Team Shia for life.

Nevertheless, Shia LaBeouf has truly outdone himself this time, with a four-year live stream.

My take:  I am torn on this.

Normally I’d be hootin’ and hollerin’ in support of my homie LaBeouf here.  Everything he does is gold, and I get behind virtually everything he does from a pure entertainment perspective.  This one is less of a social experiment and more of a social movement, but his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity are commendable as usual.

My issue here is his PIC (aka Partner in Crime for all you common folk).  He has decided to ally with someone who I’ve had many issues with in the past, a one Jaden Smith.  But my affinity for Shia LaBeouf far overshadows my disdain for that entitled weirdo who once wore a Camelbak to the Bieber Roast.  People don’t forget.  Sounds like Jaden is headlining this movement, but I’m in Shia’s corner today, for the next for years, and until the end of time.

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