Twitter Moments: Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah

full clip here

We’re back baby!  It’s been a while since Twitter gave us a one liner that caught fire and spread quickly.  This is one of those fads that if you don’t get in on the ground level, you may get left behind.  If you’re not “on the in”, you’re most definitely on the outs.  This is what Twitter Moments are all about brought to you by  I’m bringing Twitter to the streets, a glimpse inside the Twitterverse from the outside, if you will.  And if you don’t want to be included on what’s hot in the Twitter, CASH ME OUTSIDE HOW BOUT DAH?!  I am obsessed with this.  I probably won’t be in 10 days but I’m all in for now.  It’s beyond my intelligence how this made its way to Twitter, and I don’t care.

The backstory here originates on an episode of Dr. Phil.  What’s that guy’s deal anyway?  Phil is the ultimate “strict dad” type of guy.  He’s definitely a “strict curfew/zero tolerance under this roof” kind of dude.  But I respect him and especially his temperament when dealing with the ruffians of society.  He’s seen it all, this girl posed no threat to his authority whatsoever.  BUT it made for a great moment and Twitter is now better for its occurrence.  For anyone who’s still not putting the pieces together, so in layman’s terms, she essentially was saying anyone who had a problem with her can meet her in the parking lot for a little tussle.  She could have easily said “fight me”, but that’s so 2015.  Last year we learned about “catch these hands” (or at least I did), and this year is the year of the CASH ME OUTSIDE.  No, it’s not “catch” because she very eloquently requests any challengers to CASH her outside (HOW BOUT DAH).

I love you, Twitter.

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