Twitter Moments: ESPN Stats Gives A “Your Mom” Response

Twitter is the best.  It’s amazing that Twitter can’t figure out how to run their company because it could be worth trillions.  News and entertainment updating in real time, yet they can’t get their stock price out of the toilet.  But I’ll go to bat for Twitter every day of the week.  How some people don’t have/use Twitter is beyond me because it’s quite literally my life.  I don’t know what I’d do without it.  When anything big happens, Twitter is the go-to place to hear others’ thoughts, make jokes about it, complain about it, etc.  So for all my homies who don’t have or understand Twitter, I am going to bring Twitter to you.  If a big event happens, I’m going to attempt to corral the best of the best and compile them on this here website for the enjoyment of all.  It may be a meme, it may be a fight between two celebrities, or it could be a recap of some sort of event or happening.  I can guarantee skull emojis, crying MJs, and Twitter fatalities of all kinds.  Twitter has the ability to rule the world, and I’m simply trying to do my part because they seemingly can’t get out of their own way.


First up is a classic “Your mom” joke.  Society has grown up and moved on from “Yo Mama” jokes.  I can’t say for sure that we’ve seen the end of them, but an appropriately placed “your mom” rebuttal will always be a relevant comeback.  Last week @ESPNStatsInfo was doing a brief Q&A for all kinds of questions.  Whether it was an intern or a disgruntled employee in the marketing department, I do not know.  But in the thick of things, someone got behind the keyboard and issued a “Your mom” for the ages.  That’s such an unexpected response, I’d probably be shook if someone said that to me.  Hard to recover from a burn like that when you’re not expecting it.  You take your curiosity to Twitter in the form of a simple tweet, looking for the name of the guy who has the longest FG in October.  Probably some guy at a small Midwest school.  Nope, it’s your mom.  SKULL EMOJIS FOR DAYS!  It really is a timeless joke.  Can’t come back from that.

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