Top 10 Videos Of 2016 – #1 Best Eye Witness Interview Ever

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Dating back to almost one full calendar year ago, we were blessed with arguably the greatest eye witness interview in history.  The Casa Linda Apartment Complex went on fire, a damn shame especially if anyone was hurt.  But with every negative comes a positive.  With that fire we were given the best video of the year hands down.  This large woman in her M&M Nascar jacket lived to tell the tale from that harrowing experience in her burning building, and deliver a first-hand reaction for the ages in the process.

There’s a language barrier here because I couldn’t quite make out 75% of what she was saying, but she drove the point home without any ambiguity.  Was she ready for the fire?  No way.  Did she expect her neighbor to show up to her door with her baby, without shoes, and in sheer panic?  I doubt it.  But when those things happen in sequence, you grab your kids and you BOUNCE.  It’s gonna take more than that to catch this woman in a fire.  Not today!

Also, is that a pink fire truck?  Happy New Year, friends.



#2 – Japanese Zebra Escape Drill

#3 – Double Fall At Track Starting Line

#4 – Suzy Gets Combo’d

#5 – Track Race Announcer

#6 – Water Bottle Flip

#7 – Little League World Series Kid

#8 – Beast Mode Rugby Kid

#9 – Planet Earth Chase

#10 – Warriors Dance Cam





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