Top 10 Videos Of 2016 – #3 Double Fall At Track Starting Line

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I’m not looking for sympathy but this is being written amidst a serious case of the flu.  Evidently when you get a flu shot, you’re more prone to the actual virus as well as other illnesses.  Seems logical.  However I’ve been talking shit for the past 2 weeks about how I don’t get sick.  Little did I know my arrogance would be the writing on the wall.  Given my current health status, this paragraph has been very good and the show will go on.

We’ve cracked the Top 3 on this year’s countdown.  And there are so many pieces to digest in this 20-second viral sensation.  Right off the bat, it’s crystal clear that she’s the worst runner on the team.  A teammate had to instruct her to get up out of her stance, followed by instructions to win the race.  Had it not been for that assistance, Kenna may still be down there.  Once she’s awkwardly set, her anxiousness leads to her demise in the form of a classic face plant on the track, and almost simultaneously with the gunshot.  A few steps of desperation to find her footing, and she ends up on the track once again.

Mom’s words of encouragement (“are you okay hunny?”) are the last thing poor Kenna needs.  She’s already had a disastrous display, all she really needs is for mom to shut the fuck up.  This is evidenced by her frustrated turn back and then forward again, as she thinks to herself “What the fuck am I doing?  I hate track and I stink and I literally can’t even.”

#4 – Suzy Gets Combo’d

#5 – Track Race Announcer

#6 – Water Bottle Flip

#7 – Little League World Series Kid

#8 – Beast Mode Rugby Kid

#9 – Planet Earth Chase

#10 – Warriors Dance Cam





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