Top 10 Videos Of 2016 – #4 Suzy Gets Combo’d


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Little bro just two-pieced Suzy like it’s nobody’s business.  I can’t remember who RT’d it but I am forever indebted to that person.  The profanity-laced tirade that ensues is what takes this video to the next level.  Suzy just took a gut shot jugular shot combo and simply can’t hold back how she really feels.  You can’t script an emotional “oh fuck, oh crap, fucking idiot fuck.”  Dad’s behind the camera and you don’t wanna get in trouble, but when you catch hands like that, the inhibitions are thrown into the wind.

#5 – Track Race Announcer

#6 – Water Bottle Flip

#7 – Little League World Series Kid

#8 – Beast Mode Rugby Kid

#9 – Planet Earth Chase

#10 – Warriors Dance Cam






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