Top 10 Videos Of 2016 – #6 Water Bottle Flip

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One of the all-time Twitter moments.  It was pandemonium in the Twitterverse when this surfaced.  Almost as big as Damn Daniel.  It’s a moment that will go down in talent show history at worst, and that’s quite the accolade.  Everything has to be right to pull off a feat like this.  Mike grabbed this moment by its balls and immortalized himself until the end of time.  His name and picture will be framed in the hallway for students of generations to come; if your name is Mike you have to transfer or change your name.  His white tee shall be hoisted up to the rafters; no student at that school can ever wear a Hanes tee ever again.  The water bottle will be enshrined and guarded by 24/7 surveillance.  No more water at that school, find something else to drink.

#7 – Little League World Series Kid

#8 – Beast Mode Rugby Kid

#9 – Planet Earth Chase

#10 – Warriors Dance Cam





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