Pro Tip: Bring Munchkins To The Office

So I brought a 50-pc munchkins from Dunkin Donuts to the office last week.  It was arguably the nicest thing I’ve done for anybody.  I didn’t have to bring anything, let alone fifty little donut bites.  I figured HEY, first day of the fiscal month, Monday morning, let’s get everyone’s spirits up.  Guess what?  Everyone loved them.  And the best part was leaving them in the kitchen anonymously.  Nobody saw who delivered these sweet treats, but everyone was thankful for whoever did.  I didn’t need the credit.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little satisfaction when people found out it was me.  Everyone loves munchkins, and everyone loves the guy who brought the munchkins.

Succeeding in the workplace is contigent on mastering the little things and creating a mental advantage for yourself.  Always having a pencil in your ear is a great start.  Walking around with random papers makes you look prepared.  Printing out various documents periodically throughout the day and taking different routes to get to/from the printer subtly lets your coworkers know that you’re being productive.  And finally, bringing munchkins for everyone proves you’re a team player.  Tensions are high at work, stress levels through the roof sometimes, but munchkins fix everything.  If you feel as if you’re on the bottom of the totem pole or if you’re on the verge of being canned, a simple gesture of good faith like this will undoubtedly buy you some time.  Every 25 munchkins you buy is equivalent to an extra two weeks on the books.

PS – I am highly critical of the food at Dunkin Donuts, but there’s no doubt that the munchkins are fantastic.

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