Some Perspective On Klay Thompson’s 60-Point Game Last Night

I’m your prototypical casual NBA fan.  For most of the regular season I’ll watch if nothing else is on, but it’s more of background noise than anything else.  I get excited during the playoffs like everyone else, but I’m still a basketball fan for the most part.  And I used to be a fucking stud out there on the pavement (street term for court).  But that’s not why we’re here.

Klay Thompson is one of the best pure shooters I’ve ever seen.  Curry is probably the best, and they are on the same team.  It’s scary when either of them are on their game, let alone when both are.  Last night, Klay Thompson was on.  60 points is obviously a special, special performance that doesn’t come around all that often.  And to do so in 3 quarters is utterly ridiculous.

When it comes to stats, I’m all about the basics.  Points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and that’s good enough for me.  I’m far from a sabermetrics expert, but I’m pretty sure holding a ball for a total of 90 seconds and scoring 60 points is good.  I’m pretty sure dribbling the ball 11 times for 21 made shots is very good.  And last time I checked, 2.07 points per minute is outrageous.  60 points in under 30 minutes of court time.  I’m no history buff but this has to be up there with the great performances of all time.

Is Klay Thompson black or white?

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