Battleground Deli Update

UPDATE:  Battleground Deli is open for business.

Last time we were hear was back in February when they announced a Spring 2016 Grand Re-Opening.  That was obviously a lie on top of all the other lies they’ve spewed over the years.  Shame on me for buying into that one knowing damn well it was another fallacy.  Egg on my face and rightfully so.  Out of frustration I have tried doing my part in spreading awareness throughout the local community.  I’ve dragged their name through the mud because they’ve earned exactly that.  You cannot lie and lie and lie without repercussions.  If you’re not going to provide a service to the town in the form of an open business, I don’t think it’s excessive to ask for an apology or at least some accountability.  One time.

As of a few weeks ago, Battleground Deli is open once again.  Will I ever walk into Battleground Deli again?  I don’t know.  I can hold a petty grudge to prove a point out of principle; don’t think I won’t do it.  Or I can give them a fair shake in the spirit of breakfast sandwiches.  But the pressure’s on if I decide to step through the doorway.  The review they would get will be as objective as possible without forgetting that they’ve been tickling my balls for 5 years; you could make the case that it will be completely 100% subjective.  They better have been working on their recipes over that time.  They better have been on the hunt for the best ingredients and best employees around.

In summation, should I decide to make the return to Battleground Deli, they better bring the heat.  But for now, fuck that place.  Fuck Battleground Deli until further notice.

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