McDonald’s Is Testing A Sriracha Big Mac

MarketWatch: McDonald’s Corp.’s Sriracha Big Mac might have the millennial appeal the fast-food giant has been missing. McDonald’s announced Monday that it is testing the Sriracha Big Mac in 126 Ohio restaurants through Dec. 31. Sriracha is a spicy sauce found in many dishes across Southeast Asia. McDonald’s is also testing Sriracha Big Mac sauce, which can be used for dipping McNuggets and French fries, or added to customize other items on the menu. McDonald’s will gather feedback about the sandwich to decide whether to take it nationwide. The Sriracha Big Mac is a “fresh take on a classic American sandwich,” according to a statement from Scott Nickell, the Central Ohio Co-op president, who said it’s a way to add the “heat and zing that consumers have grown to love from Sriracha.”

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Point 1 – I’ll go on record saying I am not a Big Mac lover.  Once in a while I simply have to have one, but I’m more fond of the other burgers on the menu, mainly because of my general dislike for ketchup.  I’ll eat ketchup with fries once in a while, but for the most part I stay far away from ketchup.  So the “secret sauce” doesn’t really do it for me.  If you must know, my go to order is a #10 because the burgers are better at Wendy’s, just my opinion.  Maybe I’ll add a McDouble to that order if I’m feeling frisky and/or fat.

Point 2 – I find Sriracha to be overrated, more so than Nutella which I enjoy but don’t buy into the hype that’s being forced by the entire world.  If we’re talking Sriracha Cashews (shout out NatureBox), I’m in.  Other than that I struggle to find the right foods to pair with Sriracha.  Give me hot sauce over Sriracha all day, every day, and twice on Sundays.

Point 3 – This is a great idea.  My lack of love for the Special Sauce leaves me wanting an alternative, so why not try Sriracha?  By no means is this groundbreaking, but that’s why this works.  McDonald’s isn’t throwing shit at the wall hoping it sticks i.e. Burger King’s Whopperito.  McDonald’s is not seeking a transcendence of the fast food industry, though they have literally created that industry.  It’s a small change to an already successful item hoping to bring in new customers because the world seems to love Sriracha on anything and everything.  This is not a gamble or a make-or-break deal for Mickey D’s, in fact it’s all upside from a business perspective.  And that’s what I’m all about.  Dollar bills, baby.  Count me in on this one.

Bonus Point – Sriracha dipping sauce for fries is genius.  I won’t say revolutionary because they have an arsenal of sauces already, but this will undoubtedly be a reigning success.


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