My Application For Twitter Verification Has Been Deemed Futile



Who needs a stupid blue check mark anyway?  I don’t even want one.  They’ve been giving them out to just about everyone anyway like they’re Halloween candies.  The value of a verification is virtually zero nowadays.  You used to have to earn the notoriety.  Quality tweets aren’t enough evidently.  Not eligible?  What does that even mean?  I take that as my request was not rejected but rather N/A.  Maybe I filled out the form wrong.  That’ll score you an N/A on every document.  Twitter will come to their senses one day I imagine.  I’ll keep on keepin on in the meantime putting out content on top of content.  And so the grind continues.  My dedication to keeping this platform up and running has been labeled in ink as INCONSEQUENTIAL.  Message heard.  Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

PS – I sure showed them!  20 favorites.  If that didn’t get their attention I don’t know what will.

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