Objectively Grading Jaden Smith’s Art Project






I will begin by saying I am not a very good artist.  That’s the honesty and self-awareness that Jaden Smith lacks so frequently.  Jaden Smith and I differ in that sense.  We also have something in common.  We are shitty artists.  Personal gripes aside, this art project is not a good one.  I can say that confidently without any bias.  This piece of art is a piece of garbage.  Jaden Smith is such an asshole, and he makes me want to puke all over myself.  His drawings make no sense, and neither does he.  I hate his handwriting and when he replaces A’s with triangles like he’s in the fucking Illuminati.  The drawing of himself is an embarrassment.  This quadrant is my favorite:


“SmoKing Kills” is such a random message to include here in his scientology propaganda nonsense.  He’d probably tell me I don’t get it if I asked him what it all means.  I get it, man.  You don’t get it.  You just don’t get it.  This is nothing more than a manifestation of his freaky narcissistic brain.  I don’t care how much you’re squinting or how you’re interpreting it, this poster sucks.  I spy with my little eye:

  • a clock
  • a cigarette box
  • an iPhone
  • a car with butterfly doors
  • a cube
  • a ladder
  • one ugly mug

It’s all over the place!  No consistency, no cohesiveness!  And who can look past the collect of arbitrary words and phrases that have no relation to one another.

  • Reasons
  • If I don’t give…I won’t make…
  • Prepare Yourself
  • UGH…
  • Wait
  • Better
  • Wait
  • Smoking Kills
  • I Never Got It

I get that art can sometimes be obscure and open to interpretation.  I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I don’t have to know or appreciate are to understand fully that this is trash.  This is an F- and one of your weird friends should have told you this was a bad idea, you fucking loser.

Shout out to Luke for the tip.

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