Shia LaBeouf Joins ‘Sway In The Morning’ And Drops A Fire Flames Freestyle

I’ve run out of words to describe my affinity for Shia LaBeouf.  It’s no secret that I’m his #1 fan.  Everybody knows I’ve been driving this hype train since day one.  Only now is he starting to earn the respect of everyone, and I’m not sure how to react to the bandwagoners.  I feel like a hipster when the rest of the world opened their eyes and decided to gentrify my Brooklyn neighborhood, drive up the prices, and flood the area, thus making it mainstream and uncool for me and my fellow hipsters who refuse to succumb to cultural and social norms.  Do I have to find a new up and coming star to latch onto before they blow up?  Maybe I’ll put all my chips into the stock market.  I can’t quit Shia solely because everyone else loves him now.  But I was on board at the ground level unbeknownst that he’d win over the general public.

This was a great freestyle.  It was not a good one or an above-average one.  Shia LaBeouf bombed the booth and murdered the freestyle.  It’s not the first time either.  He’s got a history of showing up in places and making headlines.  Sway In The Morning was nothing more than another day at the office.  In the annals of actors that stay in the news even when they’re not making movies, the Even Stevens star ranks towards the top.  It’s about damn time this man gets his due.

Shout out to Chris for the clip.

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