Electric Factory Dance Routine At The Warriors Game Last Night

The Dance Cam is arguably the most underrated stadium scoreboard feature around.  Everyone loves the Kiss Cam for the most part.  And although they almost definitely plant performers in the crowd for something like this, once in a while the stars align and an unknown superstar emerges.  NOBODY more famous than the guy at the Celtics Game during Livin On A Prayer.  That moment will go down in YouTube history, sports history, Celtics history, rock n roll history, and the history of history.  It’s my understanding that all parties involve stand by their claims that he was not planted there, but I have my doubts.  The current state of viral media leaves me curious and skeptical about just about everything.  With that being said, sometimes a unicorn surfaces for all to enjoy.

Exhibit A – the Freshman in the North Florida band on the brink of March Madness.  This young man took the initiative to hype up the crowd in support of the team at the height of the basketball season.  You can’t knock the hustle.

Exhibit B – the bad bitch at UVA who aggressively stole the spotlight.  I’m afraid of her, but I respect the hell out of her.

And we have another example here, a nice lady who broke out the Christmas clothes and decorations from the attic the day after Halloween.  Nobody more jazzed than her with an opportunity to wear her Warriors sweater to the game, lace up her dancing shoes, and BREAK. IT. DOWN.  She busted out every dance move in the book with no regard for anything other than the moment.  A true showman (showwoman?) in her element.  This routine, unplanned I pray, had it all.  Nothing too complex, simple fist pumping, booty popping, hip swinging, white-mom dancing.  I think she blacked out in the heat of the moment, suddenly snapping out of it, out of gas, reverting back into a casual fan with the classic “what the fuck am I doing and how did I get into this situation” look.  Never shy away from greatness.  The fans showed up to watch Chef Curry shoot from the tunnel during warmups, yet unknowingly they actually bought a ticket to the Electric Factory.

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