MUST WATCH High Speed Chase

Coming off the heels of the Penguin Fight heard round the world, we’ve been gifted on a Monday with a video for the ages.  It’s a high speed chase that keeps you on the edge of your seat anxiously prepping for what’s to come.  I got sweaty watching this.  My mouth was open, jaw to the floor, trying to hold back from jumping up and down and yelling at my computer.  We’ve seen animal attacks before but this was a bonafide ambush.  Poor iguana was outnumbered but not out-skilled or out-willed.  Early on it had the making of a good old fashioned nature horror story.  This is the stuff nightmares are made of, being chased down by an arsenal of slithery snakes.  Little did I know I’d be watching a happily ever after, feel good, Rudy-carried-off-the-Notre-Dame-football-field tale for centuries.  It took everything in my core to not yell at this fucking iguana to get moving.  Before I could even formulate that thought two dozen snakes were in high pursuit of him.  Part of me wanted to cheer him on, another part of me knew he was fucked forcing me to embrace for impact if you catch my drift.  Snakes don’t particularly frighten me but there’s not much worse than being chased by a hungry fleet of them I have to think.  Rats would be worse but that’s a personal thing for me.

Take two and a half minutes out of your night, put your political rage in your pocket for a little, and pay homage to an all-time high speed chase.  If this happened 10 days in a row, the snakes may have prevailed nine of em.  But not on this day.

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