You Can’t Not Love This Donald Trump Tweet

Objectively speaking, this is a funny tweet.  I barely watched the last debate, and from what I understand I didn’t miss much as it was pretty much the same as last time.  The Donald came in very calm and throughout the night took more and more bait from HillDog, much to her plan I would imagine.  Dozens more sound bytes have been pulled from Trump’s answers and comments, with “nasty woman” and “bad hombre” at the top.  Word in the street is that he, once again, fell into the Clinton trap and got worked up, said some stupid shit, and gave the people what they wanted (assuming they wanted entertainment).

You have no choice but to respect this tweet from the Donald here.  Doesn’t matter if he actually won the debate or not.  Don’t tell him he lost because he feels very strongly otherwise.  Almost unanimous!  That’s my favorite part.  He could have decided to not show up and he’d tell you it was a clean sweep at the debate.  Trump continues to receive more and more media backlash for his comments, warranted or not, and here he is doubling down on it all, sticking to his guns, and declaring victory.  It’s a phenomenal tweet and a very funny one regardless of your feelings on him.

I WON!  Caps make everything better, don’t they?

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