Jon Gruden Is Not A Good Color Commentator

Last night was a complete disaster.  The Jets are the worst team in football right now.  They can’t do anything right.  The offense can’t move the ball.  Defensively, they can’t stop anyone or turn the ball over.  Todd Bowles doesn’t know what he’s doing as head coach.  The quarterback play stinks.  The offensive line is swiss cheese.  The secondary is abysmal.  It’s all bad top to bottom.  The Jets got their asses kicked up and down the field yesterday start to finish.  And it didn’t help that Jon Gruden was hyping up the Jets players throughout the game.  On multiple occasions he was praising various Jets, commending them on their hard work and ability.  That’s the epitome of Jon Gruden.  He loves everyone.  There was not one player in green/white worth speaking highly of last night.  Every member of the Jets organization performed at an embarrassingly low level last night, and Jon Gruden could not have had enough great things to say about them.  The Jon Gruden we got last night is the Jon Gruden we get every Monday night.  He gushes about both quarterbacks regardless of who’s playing.  It could be Geno Smith and Charlie Whitehurst, and Gruden would be creaming his pants in excitement.

The obsession with Gruden needs to end.  People love him for the coach that he was years ago, and that’s warranted, but as a color commentator he is not good.  There has to be someone better who can do this job.  As a color commentator, all you need to be is a competent side kick with some good contribution here and there.  Jon Gruden has a fantastic personality, and there’s undoubtedly a future for him in television in some capacity.  In my opinion, his future is not in color commentary because, frankly, I think he sucks.  Maybe ESPN is whispering in his ear, enforcing him to be objective and positive, but you need to be able to roll with the punches and adapt to the game unfolding in front of you.  The score seems irrelevant to Jon Gruden, as does the pace of the game and the performance of the players.  All he does is preach positive nonsense with no regard for the situation at hand.  Everyone loves Jon Gruden because they think they’re supposed to.  The truth is he’s not very good at this job.

With that being said, maybe he can coach the Jets because Todd Bowles is not equipped to do so.

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