Dino Babers Delivered A Victory Speech For The Ages After Syracuse Upset Virginia Tech

Whenever one of these locker room speeches surface, I can’t help but getting hyped.  Admittedly I’m a sucker for motivation, pump up, and uplifting speeches, but this is one that can make the laziest of the laziest want to run through a brick wall.  This is coming off the heels of Syracuse’s home victory over heavy-favorite Virginia Tech.  The feeling after winning a game where everyone outside of your team counted you out is unbelievable, sometimes euphoric.  Spirits are at an all-time high, and rightfully so.  The way a team can band together after a big time win is indescribable if you’ve never experienced it.  You feel invincible as if the winning is undoubtedly going to continue.  College football has an element to it than no professional league does.  Saturdays in the fall are filled with an aura that can’t be replicated.  As much as I love NFL Sundays, a great college game is better than a great NFL game.  Whatever the outcome is, I would love for post-game locker room speeches to be filmed.  College coaches are such lunatics that the speeches will be unrehearsed and unfiltered, whether there are cameras or not.  Perfect example here with Dino Babers.

You could tell the adrenaline was still at its apex.  This is what, 5 minutes after the final whistle?  Maybe even less.  You can tell the players are chomping at the bit, waiting for their leader to deliver some inspiration.  Dino Babers could have said literally anything, and these guys would have went ape shit.  But what they got, and what we have now gotten, was an authentic, organic, celebratory rally cry for the history books.  It doesn’t take much to give me a boost, but if you don’t wish you were right in the middle of the WHO’S HOUSE OUR HOUSE portion, you have a big dump in your pants, and you’re also a fucking liar.  What high school football player doesn’t want to play for a guy like this?  10 out of 10.  BUY Syracuse stock now and enjoy it now before they start losing again.

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