Free Buffalo Wings For Me For The Next Year


Congratulations to me.

Free wings for an entire year, courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings, and all attributed to the dedication put forth by some close friends and I.  B-Dubs awarded the first 100 customers for today’s Grand Opening with free wings for the next 365 days.  My comrades and I posted up shop last night, battled the elements, did what we had to do, and earned our spot in the first 100.  ‘Twas a long night, and a cold one, but it was well worth the wait.

We showed up around 9pm, about 14 hours before the doors opened, and the crowd at that time was much larger than we anticipated.  Around 60 people were already sitting comfy with tables, chairs, tents, sleeping bags, grills, and vapes.  So many fuckhead high school kids, and they all had vapes.  Vape CITY.  The level of commitment some of these people had (vapers excluded) is commendable.  Number one in line was virtually the same as number one hundred, but that’s none of my business.

It’s not an unlimited pass for free wings every single day of the year.  It’s a free order of wings once a week every week.  But it’s more of the principle.  My crew and I get free wings, and you do not.  We spent hours in the cold, and you did not.  We put up with the immature antics and vape smoke of brace-faced highschoolers, and you did not.  We ate McNuggets in the parking lot at 1am, and you did not.  We did all that it took to achieve buffalo wing immortality.  We set out to complete our task, and complete we did.  Our journey continues, once a week for the next 52 weeks.

Enjoy your full priced buffalo wings LOSERS.

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