Rob Kardashian Is Alarmingly Fat

I strongly considered not typing one word.  It would have sufficed and then some to post a few pictures and press the ‘Publish’ button and be on my merry way.  The pictures tell the story.  Rob Kardashian is humongous.  In no way am I being mean because everyone knows he’s fat.  I know it, Rob knows it, Kris Jenner knows it, and so does the rest of the world.  He’s enormous and disgusting but also sort of adorable?  It’s almost endearing once you pass the point of nausea.  These pictures were from a baby shower.  Apparently he’s having a baby.  You could make the argument that he’s the one that’s preggers.  I knew he was fat for a while.  Couldn’t tell you when it happened, but I can’t say I blame him.  He launched a sock company that his whore sisters wouldn’t help fund.  His mom is a puppeteer crook.  Nobody cares about Rob, so Rob doesn’t care about Rob either.  Enter: food.  I did not know he was this fat.  It’s an alarming fatness.  What happens if he keeps getting fatter?  That’s going to happen by the way.  So what happens when he gets fatter?  Obviously none of his family members will pay him any mind.  They’re too busy staging fake French robbery stories.  There was no point of writing any of this.  I saw a picture of him the other day and I screamed out loud.  WOW!  How can you not?  Every time I look at the pictures I say to myself “holy moly he’s gigantic”.

I’m worried about him, but at the same time I’m on the Rob train and I’m riding up front.  Looking forward to see where we end up.

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One thought on “Rob Kardashian Is Alarmingly Fat

  1. The thing is for me, that I don’t really CARE if he’s fat because I believe that skinny is great, fat is great, tall is great, short is great. Etc. So when I gasp out loud whenever I see his most recent pics, it isn’t my first instinct to notice fatness. The thing about this for me that shocks me is that he look SO DIFFERENT than he did a decade ago! He looks like a different person! 😳😱 it’s nuts! 😂

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