Kenneth Bone Won The Debate Last Night


Debate #2 was a disaster through and through not to any surprise.  America was fully expecting a shit show and that’s what we got for the most part.  Except for Kenneth Bone.  He killed it.  He stole the show.  He stole the headlines.  He may as well have stolen the election too.  Find me someone who didn’t instantly fall in love with this lady killer and I’ll show you a liar.  Every nice word has already been said about Kenny Bones, but I felt it was necessary that weigh in because that’s how powerful of a figure he has become overnight.  The nation has Ken Bone fever and the only known cure is more Ken Bone.  He’s been doing interviews all day.  He hasn’t changed his clothes.  His outfit is sold out in all sizes.  Hollywood couldn’t script this.  And, obviously, the “bone” puns write themselves.  Get this fucking guy in office!  Headlines!


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