The Mets Lost

The Mets lost on Wednesday night.  To say they lost in Mets fashion was an understatement.  For years we have seen “no name” players come up big in clutch spots against the Mets.  You’d think as fans we’d be numb to it by now, but they seem to always find a new way to build you up only to knock you down.  The stakes don’t get much higher than a winner-take-all game.  The pressure that comes with every pitch builds and builds, each one bigger than the last.  Unfortunately for the Metropolitans, Wednesday just wasn’t their night.

Wednesday – we ran into the Madison Bumgarner buzzsaw.  I said it was going to happen.  It happened.  Losing to MadBum in the playoffs is nothing to be ashamed of.  The guy is one of the all-time clutch pitchers.  But when your pitcher (arguably) out pitches him, it’s a tough pill to swallow.  When both teams trade zeros for 8 innings and you lose because one of your anchors can’t get it done in a big spot, it hurts a little more.  When an outfielder makes a heroic catch that tells you that it’s your night, and you still lose, it fucking stings.  Same thing happened in ’06.  Endy Chavez made a catch that’ll go down in history, preserving a tie game, and the Mets lost in the 9th.  Too soon.  It hurt to even type that.

The dust has settled since Wednesday night.  Playing a grueling 162-game season only to play one elimination game is a shitty circumstance.  But if you ask me, and many others, the Mets were fortunate to be in that position.  The Mets make me angry whenever I think about them, so I don’t want to get into all the details of the past season.  But the roster was decimated by injuries top to bottom.  The stud rotation turned into a Syndergaard-led group, with a 43-yr old Bartolo Colon, and a bunch of no names.  Matt Harvey, Steve Matz, Jacob deGrom, and we can include Zach Wheeler.  All of them suffered major injuries.  That’s a part of the game, no doubt, but it felt like one after another.  Position players were dropping like flies.  Our “starting” catcher had 14 RBIs.  Jay Bruce gave the Mets one of the worst statistical months of all time.  All season, the offense with RISP was historically bad.

Terry Collins was dealt a SHIT hand and was forced to trot out minor league players day in and day out.  He also did not help himself being one of the worst in-game managers I’ve ever seen.  But somehow he was able to rally the troops down the stretch.  And because of that, in spite of the laundry list of injuries, he has most likely bought himself some more time as Mets manager.  The medical staff is as incompetent as any other in sports.  Misdiagnoses, setbacks, obscure injuries, bone spurs, surgeries, it’s INSANITY that Ray Ramirez and his band of morons still have jobs.  This was incredibly disorganized, but there was a lot on my mind and I wanted to get it all out without going into too much detail and resurfacing bad memories.  There’s plenty more misery around the corner.

In summation, the Mets were not a good baseball team this year.  They played well in September and capitalized off of the Giants and Cardinals refusing to win baseball games.  Against all odds, they made the playoffs.  And their offensive woes came to light in the biggest game of the year.  What caused the most problems for most of the spring and summer bit them in the ass in October.  In Mets fashion, they knocked us down, built us back up, and then stabbed us right in the dick (with the help of scrub who is now added to the list of Mets killers).

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