Manalapan Bank Robber Still At Large

APP:  County and Manalapan Township officials have released video and new photographs of a man they say demanded money from a Sun National Bank after telling an employee he had a bomb on Sept. 30. As of Tuesday evening they were asking for the public’s help identifying the suspect. The suspect went to the Route 9 bank around 12:45 p.m., told a teller he had a bomb and fled on foot after grabbing an “undisclosed amount of cash,” according to a statement from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. The suspect was an unshaven white man in his 50s or 60s standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing roughly 185 pounds, authorities said. …

“It is unknown if the suspect was actually in possession of any type of explosive device or other weapons.” …

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I don’t know how I possibly forgot to blog this.  Someone told me the story last weekend and I completely disregarded it.  I can’t remember if I didn’t believe it or what, but the blog should have been blogged.  The story is real.  The headline is real.  This guy is still out there.  It sounds like there’s a diligent group effort underway to catch him.  Rewards being offered, search parties being launched, and I heard they’re calling the dogs.  (NOTE: I’m unsure as to whether “calling in the dogs” is a figure of speech or if dogs are actually being round up.  Regardless, the sentiment still stands.)

As for me, I’m stoked he hasn’t been caught yet.  This is so Manalapan it hurts.  There are a lot of stigmas and reputations associated with Manalapan.  The town is half Italian, half Jewish, and I’m fairly certain it’s the “blues” capital of the world.  And if you’re unfamiliar with the term “blues”, then you’ve never spent any time in Manalapan.  Everyone that knows Manalapan has an opinion, and that’s fine.  Say what you want about us, but you can’t say we’re not smart.  I’d guess that the bank robber does not live in Manalapan.  If true, the average person would draw a conclusion showing that a Manalapan bank teller was outsmarted by an elderly man who more likely than not was not carrying explosives despite what he said.  To rebuttal that I’d say that average people have average thoughts.  Thankfully my brain is bigger than the average person’s.

If a guy at the bank says he has a bomb, you’d be dumb not to believe it.  The potential ramifications of dismissing that claim could have been catastrophic.  The storyline now is peanuts compared to what could have been.  PEANUTS.  Maybe I’m the minority here, but I’d much rather live in a town where a man can casually go to Target and then rob a bank as opposed to living in a town where there was an explosion at a bank.  That’s something I won’t apologize for because I feel so strongly about it.  Which brings me to my favorite part of the whole story.

Shopping at Target twenty minutes before robbing a bank is one of the greatest moves in history.  People love Target.  You can find anything and everything at Target, it’s virtually a super sized convenience store plus a clothing section and full grocery selection.  Guy probably needed to pick up some Q-tips, maybe a banana, deck of cards, magazine, anything he might need while he’s on the run.  Can you imagine robbing a bank and living on the run and not having Q-tips?!  Just throw me in jail.  I can’t live without Q-tips.  It really makes you think.  If you’re planning on robbing a bank, what are you gonna do leading up to the big moment?  You have to think most people are gonna squeeze in their “last meal” in case it all goes south.  Maybe hit up a titty bar.  Nope, oldie locks just needed to pick a few things up at the local Target.

If you know or see this man, honestly, just let him be.  It’s pretty cool to be on the hunt for a bank robber.  It’s all about the journey.  Once he’s caught, all the hubbub dies.  The process is better than the prize.


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