Heckler At The Ryder Cup Comes Out Of The Crowd And Nails The Putt

A moment does not get any bigger than this.  What a sequence of events.  The Ryder Cup has come and gone (the United States won by the way), and this video has circled the globe.  Maybe I was lazy and didn’t blog on the weekend, sorry for having other things to do other than type away at my keyboard*.  Or maybe I’m sly like a fox and waited until the dust settled to get my thoughts in front of everyone’s eyes.  Brilliant if you ask me.  My thoughts are the same as everyone’s I think.  But here you are reading anyway.  Checkmate.  As for the guy who grabbed his nuts and sunk the putt heard ’round the world?  He has peaked.  You can’t top this.  Heckling a golfer is a dick move, but when you get called out and asked to put your money where your mouth is, you better step up because if you don’t, you’re a loser and will always be a loser.  There comes a time in all of our lives where you are greeted with an opportunity to cement yourself in history.  A moment that comes along once in a lifetime that you can attack head on or let pass by like a goddamn passerby.  It took 40+ years for this man to get his time in the sun.  And oh was it worth the wait.

What a fucking putt.  The pressure amounting here was ridiculously huge.  This putt goes up there with Tiger’s putt at the ’05 Masters.  Right up there with Happy Gilmore when decided not to hit it around the tower, two putt, and take on Shooter McGavin in sudden death.  And what a celebration.  That’s not something that’s premeditated.  That’s all heat-of-the-moment adrenaline pumping out-of-body experience shit.  Again you can’t plan for it but I think my body would automatically break into the Happy Gilmore ride the bull lap around the green.  I guess there’s no rules at the Ryder Cup?  In all honestly I don’t understand the Ryder Cup one bit.  Team Captains, USA vs everyone else, hecklers welcome?  Seems a bit too casual for my liking.  But then again my golf expertise goes as far as getting irrationally mad when the 18th hole of a mini golf course is one of those Win a Free Game holes where you score either a 1 or a 2, essentially rendering the 18th hole useless and creating a 17-hole course in the process.  And how about Rory getting cocky and placing a $100 bill three centimeters from the ball?  Some sort of subliminal psyche out move I think, though it hardly worked.  Awesome stuff.  All time clutch moment.  One of the top sports moments of the year.

*I literally didn’t do anything this weekend.  Shut up.

PS – The “get in the hole!” screams right after a ball is hit will always be laugh out loud funny.  Tee shots especially.

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