Against All Odds The Mets Are (Kind Of) Back In The Playoffs

First off I’d like to extend thanks to the city of Philadelphia for being lovely hosts this weekend.  Their warm hospitality has not gone unnoticed.  And I speak for all Mets fans when I say we would not have wanted to celebrate on anyone else’s mound.  So again, thank you Philly.  And goodbye and good riddance to Ryan Howard you son of a bitch.

Secondly, the Wildcard Game is barely the playoffs.  It’s essentially one winner-take-all elimination game to then join the rest of the playoff teams.  You endure a grueling 162-game season all to have one do or die game.  You’d almost prefer to miss the postseason altogether than to lose in the WC game.  But I didn’t make the rules.  I’ll take any sniff of the playoffs I can.  The fact is, it’s a miracle that the Mets even get to play in this game at all.

I’ll be the first to admit how very wrong I was.  Like many fans, I counted them out weeks/months ago.  Two months ago I gave them the trash emoji.  On August 20th they were 2 games under .500.  They’ve been decimated by injuries all season, most of their players have stunk or currently stink, yet the chips have fallen, and the Mets are in the playoffs.  I won’t for a second lie to anybody and claim that I believed in them because I did not.  I fully expected the Mets to be the Mets and come up short.  But here we are, 9 innings away from a date with the big bad Cubs.

Citi Field is gonna be ROCKING on Wednesday night.  Let’s hope Thor brings his A game and the Mets can make a run.

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