I Am Infatuated With This Eight Foot Tall American Teenager

MySAA 19-year-old in Michigan is on his way to becoming the tallest man in the world, if he surpasses the current record: 8 feet and 2 inches. Broc Brown, 19, has grown about 6 inches every year. Right now, Brown, who was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome when he was 5, is 7 feet and 8 inches tall. Had he not surpassed the age limit, Brown would have been dubbed the world’s tallest teenager, but he became too old for the prize which only allowed those 18-years-old and under. …

Darci Brown, Broc Brown’s mother, said her son was 5 feet and 2 inches tall when he was in kindergarten, 6 feet tall when he reached middle school, and was 7 feet tall in high school. “There’s nothing that can stop him from growing,” Darci Brown told Barcroft, adding that doctors told her her son would not live past his teenage years. “I don’t know if he will ever stop.” …

In addition to health problems, Broc Brown and his family also face financial problems. He outgrows clothes and shoes at a rapid speed. He grew out of a size 26 shoe, the same size Shaq wears. He now wears a size 28 shoe and needs his clothes made for him because what they sell in stores rarely fits. …

Despite his obstacles, Broc Brown hopes to get a job and live a normal life.  “I hopefully want to work for a sporting goods store, so something like that, a cashier or something,” he said. “I just want to have my own job.” …

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I absolutely love this dude.  For real, I cannot get enough.  It has surpassed general intrigue and transitioned into full blown infatuation.  This is not the first “tall guy” blog I’ve covered.  I said the world’s tallest female teenage was also the scariest looking human alive because it was true and remains true to this day.  I also got on this Indian guy’s case because he was crying that nobody loved him inside his 8 foot tall freak body.  But my man Broc Brown is a different case entirely.  For one thing, he’s American.  When you live in a third world country, if you aren’t eight feet tall, you’re a whacko.  If you don’t have elephantiasis or some weird defect, that is when you stand out.  You can’t walk down the street without seeing someone who’s 11 feet tall or someone with 13 fingers.  That’s par for the course.  But in a modernized country like the good ol US of A, this is a human interest story.

If anyone has a chance to be a statistic outlier, it’s Broc Brown.  What I mean by that is when you’re an actual giant, you die by age 25.  That’s simple science.  When you’re this tall, your body doesn’t work.  I’m no doctor but it has something to do with blood circulation.  With all that said, Big Broc Brown may be an enigma.  Life expectancy in the United States is head and shoulders (nailed that pun) ahead of those third world countries that don’t have running water.  Modern medicine, we have it.  Medical funding and technological advancements, we got em.  Broc has as good a chance to live a decently long life as any other giant out there.  If Vegas put odds on it, I’d push my chips into his corner.  But the more likely outcome is that he dies in the next 5 years.  If you could be that tall and live a long life, people would do it.  And they don’t.  So sorry for the morbidity, Broc.

Another thing about Broc is that he’s happy.  He seems to have embraced his freakishness instead of sobbing in the corner like that Indian kid with no girlfriend.  He actually can walk pretty much on his own, so that’s reason enough to be an optimist.  If you’re dealt a hand like this, you might as well tip your hand and run with it.  Everyone knows he’s three times the size of everyone else, no point in shying away from literally the only thing people know you for.  Broc also doesn’t have any lavish dreams or unattainable goals.  The guy wants to be a fucking cashier.  He could probably get any job he wants because who’s going turn away an ogre?  Meanwhile he wants a regular job at sports store, scanning coupons and processing customer returns.  Humbleness.  Practicality.  Broc Brown.

Important note: I was shocked that he was able to talk.  I don’t think there’s a correlation between height and speech but when he churned out clear-ish sentences, it was a surprise to me.  I was expecting him to not be able to walk or talk, but here’s Big Foot galavanting through town in size 28 shoes talking up a storm and trying to find his way towards cashier immortality.  Respect.

PS – That first picture is preposterous.







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