Major News: TheEricHammer Has Expanded To Facebook

Breaking news from the world of the internet.  The brand known as has expanded into additional media platforms.  The lifestyle blog has taken on a new venture in the social media space.  The ‘’ Facebook page is officially live.  I spoke with the site’s creator and sole operator.  His quote:

“We’re very excited to continue our growth.  This endeavor is another challenge that we’re happy to tackle head on, and we’re looking forward to the future.  Our team feels strongly that this path will lead our site to significantly more page views, earning its rightful recognition as a subsequent result.  The content will not falter in the slightest.  In fact, be on the lookout for exciting new content. is transitioning towards becoming a respectable and formidable multimedia corporation.  The sky is the limit.” – Eric Hammer (@TheEricHammer)

So there you have it, kids.  Have at it.  No need to search the depths of Twitter for links to the blogs.  Links with small summary blurbs will be posted to the Facebook page in real time, just moments after publishing.  Technology has proven to be advantageous time and time again, and this opportunity appears to be no different.  And if you thought that you’d be visiting a brand new page with a barren wall including zero content, think again.  This page already has over one month’s worth of blogs just waiting to be read.  So go nuts.  Click the links and get lost in  Smoke some weed and lose track of time.  The site is fully functional and interactive, so don’t be afraid to get involved.  Like the page.  Invite your friends.  Invite your parents.  Invite your doctor and all their patients if you can get a list of their registry despite that being highly illegal due to the Physician-Patient Privilege act.

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