I Hate Jaden Smith’s Twitter Avi



Jaden Smith would have an all white Twitter avi.  That’s just the kind of asshole he is.  Last time we were here I had nothing but nice things to say about Mr. Smith.  As a man of honor I gave him his due credit because it was a savvy move ousting himself like that.  But I’ve since moved on because he’s back at it again with the white profile pic (nailed that one).  It takes a special kind of egomaniac to make your Twitter picture all white.  It’s easy to have no picture and operate as a Twitter egg.  But to upload a white picture and use that is arguably the most narcissistic move Jaden’s ever pulled, aside from (of course) wearing a Camelbak to the Bieber Roast.  Every time his name pops up on my Twitterfeed it looks like my computer is spazzing and not loading all the images.  Nope it’s actually just Jaden Smith being a dick as per usual.

It’s no wonder Iman Shumpert slid into your girl’s DMs.  Oh yeah, I went there.  Wassup?

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