The Jig Is Up For All Who Snapchat The Final Countdown Leading Up To NFL Red Zone Kickoff

Y’all are busted.  The jig is up.  I issued a statement on this topic via Twitter on Thursday.  And despite my public comments, I still saw 5 different people snapchat the last few seconds leading up to the 1:00 start of NFL Red Zone.  And I want to be clear that I like Red Zone.  I don’t love it like other people, and I’d much rather watch a game in its entirety, but when the 1:00 slate of games are coming to a close and a few games are down to the wire, Red Zone is fantastic.  But here’s the thing.  Red Zone sucks when there’s nobody in the red zone.  And therein lies the point I am trying to drive home.  When the games kick off, nobody is in the red zone.

I love NFL Sundays as much as the next guy.  I get jitters when I wake up in the morning and it’s gameday.  I get hard in the pants and plan out the 5 meals I will consume that day.  The minutes just before kickoff are the slowest by far.  So when the clock hits 1:00 on the nose and the CBS/FOX NFL music rolls in, it’s fucking party time.  But there’s no reason to have Red Zone on because no games are in the red zone or close to it for that matter.  Getting your phone propped and ready to film the final few seconds is nothing more than an attention seeking move.  You are snapchatting for the sole purpose of letting everyone know that you’re watching football.  That reason is fine.  But in actuality, you look foolish with Red Zone on at 1pm instead of the 1pm televised game.  And if you’re not actually tuning into Red Zone and just want the snapchat before you flip over to the televised game 10 seconds later, you proved my point, and I saved you some time and the embarrassment of doing the same next Sunday.  It’s a try hard move that could not backfire harder.  If you can’t understand that logic, then you don’t have logic.

PS – Thank god football is back.

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