Mickey Gall Is Fighting CM Punk This Saturday

Saturday is a day many of us have been anxiously awaiting for quite some time.  Whereas most people are looking forward to watching WWE bad boy CM Punk test his skills in the octagon for the first time, my focus is on my good friend, Mickey Gall.  For well over a decade, Phil Brooks aka CM Punk has been notorious for stirring controversy in the wrestling world, but years ago he announced he would transition into mixed martial arts, or as we insiders like to call it, MMA.  He’s a big name with a big following, and the UFC is putting him on the pay per view card for a reason.

Thing is…wrestling is fake and MMA.  Not only is MMA real, but the UFC is the real deal.  It does not get better than the UFC, and CM Punk has exactly zero fights under his belt.  As a professional “athlete”, I don’t doubt for a second that Punk has worked his ass off training with world class fighters in preparation for his first bout.  It’s a shame that his first fight will be against Mickey Gall.

Mickey and I have been friends since junior year of college where we lived together in the beautiful city of New Brunswick, NJ.  Of all of my 13 housemates, my interactions were most seldom with Mickey.  That’s because he was always at the gym training and further building upon his game.  One time he was sparring in our living room and trapped me inside until I agreed to spar with him.  I think I stupidly ran into the corner only to be welcome with a few body shots that I haven’t recovered from.  That may not be true as that memory is rather fuzzy due to the black out that occurred in my brain.

The bottomline is Mickey has worked his entire life to get to the UFC, and he’s not going to let a celebrity with literally no experience get in his way.  Mickey is one of the nicest dudes I know, and I am so thankful he was able to deliver my roommates and I bread every Monday morning senior year.  Anyone who ever saw the mountain of bread on the kitchen table at our Sicard house, just know that Mickey was the hookup.  He also happens to be a trained killer in the octagon.  Mickey won his first UFC fight convincingly, securing his spot in the coveted matchup against Phil Brooks.  And that was after he finished his previous opponent in the company of Dana White where he took the microphone and first called out CM Punk.

Mickey’s waited patiently as this fight has continued to get pushed back from CM Punk’s injuries considering he’s roughly 87 years old.  CM Punk is old and inexperienced, and he’s most likely in for a rude awakening in Cleveland on Saturday.  Mickey’s young and hungry, and we have yet to see his full potential.  While Brooks’s career is most likely over before it started, Mickey hasn’t even scratched the surface yet.  I’ve heard people call CM Punk a lottery ticket for Mickey given his notoriety, but Mickey will not be remembered as the guy who fought CM Punk.  The more likely outcome is that Mickey is known for the guy who ends CM Punk’s career after he embarrasses him on PPV.

Win or lose, I’m damn proud of my guy Mickey.  I’m not sure if training for an opponent who’s never fought is an advantage or disadvantage, but I am sure that Mickey is going to hurt a man who doesn’t know what’s coming to him.

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