LSU’s Josh Boutte Suspended One Game After An All-Time Scumbag Cheap Shot

ESPN:  LSU suspended offensive guard Josh Boutte on Monday for one game for his personal foul on Wisconsin defensive back D’Cota Dixon in Saturday’s game. Boutte will sit out LSU’s home opener against Jacksonville State on Saturday night. “Josh made a mistake and will serve a one-game suspension because of it,” LSU coach Les Miles said in a statement. “Even though this was done by mistake, a play like this does not belong in the game of football and therefore action must be taken. “This play does not define Josh as a person and is not indicative of the type of player he is. We sincerely apologize for his mistake.” Boutte called Dixon on Monday morning to personally apologize for the personal foul, Miles said. Boutte, a starting guard for the Tigers, was ejected after leveling Dixon with 57 seconds left in No. 5 LSU’s 16-14 loss to Wisconsin at Lambeau Field. Dixon intercepted Brandon Harris’ pass near the LSU sideline to seal the upset win, and following the play, he started celebrating with the ball and his hand raised when Boutte hit him. …

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The first weekend of College Football did not disappoint in any way.  There more Top 25 upsets than any opening weekend ever.  If Week 1 was any preview for the next 4 months, we are in for an absolute treat.  Last night’s Florida State comeback was unbelievable.  Sunday night’s Notre Dame vs. Texas game is going to be a nominee for Game of the Year.  But the highlight for me was this egregious play at the end of the LSU vs. Wisconsin game, if we can even classify it as a “play”; foul play for sure.  Wisconsin sealed the victory with a last minute interception, and as D’Cota Dixon was running off the field to celebrate, Josh Boutte delivered a cheap shot for the ages.  Les Miles put it perfectly in saying “a play like this does not belong in the game of football”.  It was a scumbag move issued by a scumbag.  You can say it was out of frustration, but it’s a fucking dangerous play that could have seriously hurt someone.  Fuck that shit.  Athletes get caught up in the moment all the time, and sometimes they lose their cool.  That does not warrant a deplorable foul like this one.  Running off the field after the game winning interception, the last thing you expect is to be maliciously clotheslined by a 6’5″, 350-lb lineman who’s only goal is to take you the fuck out.

Boutte was promptly and appropriately ejected from the game, but the game was virtually over so that action was relatively meaningless.  I’d like to think if a hit like that was delivered in the first quarter, an ejection would follow, but the only reason this hit occurred was because LSU lost to a lesser opponent and Josh Boutte is a dirty sore loser and a piece of garbage.  Les Miles suspended him for the next game (against fucking Jacksonville State), and in a matter of weeks this will all be forgotten about.  There will be no further punishment.  If the NCAA has the authority to do so, this guy should never see the field again.  If Les Miles had any dignity, and if his job wasn’t at risk for the 5th straight year, he’d kick this guy off the team.  But that’s not how it works unfortunately.  It was a no brainer to suspend him for a game they’ll win by 50+ points.  Sadly, an example won’t be made out of Boutte’s actions, at least not in the LSU locker room.

And if you believe that Boutte’s phone call to Dixon was genuine, apologetic, and unsolicited, then I have some beachfront property in Nevada that you’ll be crazy about.





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