The Burritos Outside Of Boathouse Are Off The Charts



I was intending on writing a summer recap blog breaking down all of the bars in the Belmar/Manasquan area.  But anyone who’s been there knows which spots are good for certain times/days.  Everyone has their own weekend routine, there own favorite spots, and so on.  As much as I value my own opinion, I can admit that it would be unfair to criticize another person’s favorite and least favorite local watering holes.  Plus, I’m cool with any place that serves booze.  Now, with that being said, the following statement is a confirmed fact and is in now way up for debate or disagreement.

The burritos outside of Boathouse are unbelievable.

For the uninformed/uneducated/unaware, there’s a burrito stand that posts up shop right outside of Boathouse at night.  They don’t show up until probably 10pm, and they pump out BOMB burritos for a few hours and only a few nights a week.  No joke, it’s a table a tiny and hot dog stand-like set up, and that’s all.  They have three people working, and the line is usually 10+ deep.  So what is the allure that draws such a crowd to something that you could easily walk past without a glance?

Well, it’s simple.  No, the burritos are simple.  They’re 5 ingredients maximum, none of which are vegetables because no drunk gets a vegetable itch after a night in Belmar.  One of those ingredients (if you elect to indulge in) is bacon-infused rice.  That means they cook bacon, add it to the rice, and pour the bacon grease onto the rice.  Another ingredient is the final ingredient – DORITOS.  Some people just get it, man.  My order is bacon rice, chicken, buffalo sauce, cheese, Doritos.  And it’s out of this world delicious.

I want to say I don’t quite understand what makes the burritos so good, but I do.  It’s the bacon rice and the Doritos.  It’s a brilliant combination that oddly fits perfectly under a sole umbrella on the dimly lit corner of 15th and Main.  So consider this my first Belmar tip for newcomers, veterans, and everyone in between.  Belmar season has come and gone, but the burritos outside of Boathouse will be back come MDW ’17.  Write in your calendar in ink, circle it, and set an alarm.  You don’t want to go another summer without these Dorito burritos.

Also, the food on Ocean Avenue is straight BOOTY.  Trash emoji times FIVE.

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