Holy Shit Yung Joc Is Back And With A Fire New Hairdo

This a Nitti Beat!  Meet me in the mallllllll.  Yung Joc is SO back.  People come back all the time, but never like this.  It’s tough to recover after you make one of the biggest party songs of all time and then fall off the earth.  Usually you’re donezo after something like that.  It’s Goin Down is TEN years old now, yet it still bumps like it’s that hot new shit.  And that won’t ever change, let’s get that sorted out.  For the rest of time we will do that motorcycle hand thing to the chorus and pretend we’re in the music video with him at some dingy house party.  Unforgettable stuff.


Whoever had plans of hitting Yung Joc “with all the Shade in the Room”, just know that Joc is onto you.  This is officially my new favorite haircut.  The Macklemore haircut had a nice run.  Next time you walk in for a fresh cut, tell the barber you want “the Yung Joc”.

This means he’s coming out with new music right?  If he wanted to stay irrelevant he would have kept his style as is.  You don’t make a move like this if you don’t have big things in work.  The haircut is patently ridiculous.  No doubt about it.  But for some reason it works.  I’ve looked at this picture so many times that I can’t picture Joc without it.

#WhatWouldJocDo …. this is genius.

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