Japanese Pole Vaulter’s Dick Ruins His Quest For An Olympic Medal

If there’s anything better than getting an Olympic medal, it’s not getting an Olympic medal because your dick got in the way.  Lots of people return to their homeland with an Olympic medal and stories to last a lifetime.  It’s actually not a lot, very few in fact.  But nobody in the history of the world has ever returned home from the Olympics with the memory of not getting a medal because their gigantic dick got in the way.  Exactly zero people…until now.  Hiroki Ogita will soon arrive back home in his native country of Japan.  He’ll have no Olympic medal.  He will have the pride of knowing that his penis is the reason.  His giant dick knocked the bar down during his pole vault.  It’s probably not even a giant dick.  But it may very well be the biggest dick in Japan.  Regardless, it’s big enough, enough to get him eliminated from medal contention at the Olympics.  This is a HUGE win for the Japanese.  They were never catching the United States in the Medal Count.  Hiroki Ogita was probably not going to win a gold anyway.  But everyone across the globe seeing your dick in such a positive light is so much more valuable.

Congrats on the dope dick, man.

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