This Piece About Lilly King’s Poor Sportsmanship After Beating A Cheater For The Gold Medal Is Bullshit

ESPNW: I might get my red, white and blue patriotism card pulled for this one, but the way swimmer Lilly King handled herself after Sunday’s 100-meter breaststroke semifinals wasn’t exactly the finest example of sportsmanship. King, who swims Wednesday night in the 200m breaststroke semifinal, was caught on camera from the green room Sunday waving her finger at Russian rival Yulia Efimova, who had just won her heat and put up a victorious No. 1 finger. King smugly wagged her finger at the screen before going out to swim in her heat. Later, after King won her race, she explained her gesture in an interview with Michele Tafoya of NBC: “You know, you’re shaking your finger No. 1 and you’ve been caught for drug cheating. I’m just not, you know, a fan.” …

The 19-year-old American ultimately won the gold medal, and Efimova won the silver. But despite winning, King just couldn’t let it go. She wagged her finger again while in the pool, refused to shake hands with Efimova and later threw another jab at her rival, saying, “It’s incredible, just winning a gold medal and knowing I did it clean.” She subsequently drew praise and cheers from the media and fans alike for her honestly and candor. But she looked more like a playground bully, playing up the worst of American stereotypes — brash and rude in victory. King’s comment seemed deliberate and malicious. Instead of being a gracious winner and taking the high road, she took the moment to continue to trash the reputation of someone else. …

Efimova has not disputed anything and instead quietly made her return to the pool, as anyone cleared to do so would do. The ruling bodies allowed her to be there. But that apparently wasn’t enough for King. While other athletes who make similar returns are often touted as tales of redemption, including Merritt, Efimova has been given the “big, bad villain” treatment — despite no evidence of her currently using any banned substance. …

But in the meantime, Efimova is a person, and not just a symbol of Russia’s perceived shattered system, and on Monday night, she won the country’s first-ever medal in the 100m breaststroke. While she said after the race she was “just happy to be here” after the turmoil leading up to the Games, she didn’t even fully get to enjoy her historic achievement thanks to King and the narrative she helped create. Doesn’t such an accomplishment deserve a little bit of respect from her peers? Isn’t that what the Olympics are all about, after all? In a chaotic world, the Olympics provide a rare moment of global unity and togetherness. At its best, the spirit of the Games transcends borders and politics, but it seems no one bothered to tell King. Perhaps in her next victory, she’ll instead choose to appreciate the moment and won’t feel the need to ruin someone else’s.


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Someone get this bitch off her high horse please.  What an unbelievably bad piece of writing this is.  Seriously, it’s embarrassing, and I hate myself for even reading it.  Clickbait like you read about, damn internet got me again.  Nothing like a wet blanket to ruin the party, a party where America stomps on the faces of every other country in the world because that’s what the Olympics are all about.  It takes some balls to publish something like this.  Obviously there’s some sort of resentment behind this writing because this is too over-the-top to be nothing more than devil’s advocate.  We could toss around theories all day, but I think this was a shameless plot to make headlines and have your name linked to a viral article.  And that’s pathetic.

Let me ask you something, Darcy Maine.  Ever play sports before?  Ever been in any competition for anything before?  The reason I ask is because any self respecting competitor knows that the ultimate goal is VICTORY.  Every single time you compete, the idea is to win.  If you don’t, it’s a failure.  And if you have any other mentality than that, then that’s how you end up like Darcy Maine writing bullshit pieces for ESPNW, trashing an American champion who beat a steroid-shooting Russian cheater.  Get the fuck out of my face.  This Darcy clown could very well be a Russian spy, seeking vengeance for the 1980 Miracle on Ice, or the Cold War, or beating them to the moon despite getting a head start with Sputnik.

This is a matter of USA vs everyone else, Russia especially.  It’s good versus evil.  It’s heroes and heroines versus cheaters.  The Olympics are about winning and nothing else.  Sportsmanship goes out the window when you’re fighting for a gold medal.  Gamesmanship takes a backseat when you’re swimming against a lying, cheating Russian who shouldn’t be allowed in the same swimming pool.  When someone like that is allowed to compete and loses, they should get taunted and humiliated in front of the entire world.  When she was announced before the race, the entire stadium (and world) booed the shit out of her.  Beating her ass for the gold medal and bringing it back to its rightful home (USA) was the icing on the cake.  Take your garbage journalism and board the first international flight out of these United States.




3 thoughts on “This Piece About Lilly King’s Poor Sportsmanship After Beating A Cheater For The Gold Medal Is Bullshit

  1. honestly you are the pot calling the kettle black lilly needs to act her age and not her shoe size she may be the best swimmer but she the worst athlete and sportsman.!!!!!!!

  2. I know Lilly King is America’s sweetheart right now and I wholeheartedly agree that the finger wag at the Russian and then backing your shit up was probably the most exciting part of the Olympics yet. But Lilly, let’s take it easy, huh? She’s the classic 19 year old who thinks she’s a hot shit who knows everything.

  3. you need to get over yourself !!!!!!.
    people like you are the reason the world hates americans !!!!!
    travel around honey then you can see for yourself its not you vs everyone its just everyone.. AMERICA IS NOT SPECIAL TO ANYONE BUT AMERICANS.

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