Wichita State Basketball Coach Greg Marshall Nearly Murders Referees During An Exhibition Game

College coaches are the biggest hardos of them all.  Nobody has the “tough guy” stigma like college coaches.  Greg Marshall did not disappoint.  Usually it’s a strength and conditioning coach or a linebacker coach or some assistant assistant who’s role is solely to fire the squad up whenever applicable.  Take Louisville’s Ray Ganong for example.  The man is a complete psychopath, yet he’s part of the reason Louisville is such a prominent basketball program.  He probably doesn’t even get paid; it wouldn’t shock me if he just showed up one day unannounced and uninvited and hasn’t left the gym since.

This video is taken out of context considering we can’t see exactly what it was that set him off.  To react like this in a goddamn exhibition game against a Canadian school, I can only imagine what was said to him to cause an eruption of this magnitude.  It has to be something personal.  Maybe the referee told him his mother is a terrible cook.  That would upset me, even in a practice game against McGill.  It’s completely ridiculous to flip your lid in a fake basketball game like this, but at the same time I absolutely love it.  No days off for Wichita State.  College hoops season doesn’t start until like Thanksgiving, yet Greg Marshall is already out here traveling to different countries, pushing his players, fighting his assistants, and threatening to kill referees and their families.

March Madness in August.  That’s what really gets my dick hard.




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