Bad Santa 2 Is Happening

Billy Bob Thornton is BACK.  The black midget who looks like he’s aged 40 years is BACK.  Thurman Merman is BACK.  Bernie Mac is no longer alive and will therefore not be back.  RIP Bernie Mac.  This is huge news.  Bad Santa is a Top 5 Christmas movie in circulation, and I won’t hear anything opposing views on the matter.  It’s a must watch whenever it’s one TV.  I’m talking won’t even put it on and then check to see what else is on also.  THAT kind of must watch.  The boxing scene where Marcus and Thurman Merman box at the gym is a hall of fame scene.  Drunk and degenerate Willie is his best role in any movie by far, and if he’s a fraction of that character then this movie will be just fine.  And as long as Thurman Merman makes one sandwich reference, I won’t say a bad thing about the movie.  13 years later but not soon enough.

November 23rd, it’s lit.




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