My Two Cents On Trump Eating KFC With A Fork And Knife


The Donald has been under fire for this move.  At this point, he’ll be criticized and condemned for literally every single thing he does.  Not to say he doesn’t deserve it because he absolutely does.  His demeanor rubs so many people the wrong way.  He seems to talk out of his ass a lot by putting others down, comes off very unprofessional and unpresidential for that matter.  The thing that bothers me the most is his verbiage.  Every time I hear him speak I’m waiting for him to eloquently put sentences together, speak intelligently, and maybe use a big word here and there.  Yet I’m left perplexed by his middle school-level vocabulary.  If you want to despise him for his antics and comments and general point of view, I’m not going to argue with you.  But the nitpicking about every single thing he does is unwarranted and really annoying.  JUST MY OPINION.

Everyone and their mothers have been coming out of the goddamn trees to contribute to the nationwide attack on Sir Donald eating KFC with a fork and knife.  I’d say those feelings have nothing to do with the actual act of eating KFC with silverware but rather a general disdain for Trump that has budded to critiquing his every move.  But I guess that’s what you get when you run for president and everyone seemingly hates your guts.  In regards to eating with a fork and knife, and only to eating with a fork and knife, I have no problem with it.  Can’t say that I have ever done this or would do it, but I can objectively form a rational thought and identify this as a completely normal move.  Sometimes you have to fork and knife it, plain and simple.  People get crucified for fork and knifing a slice of pizza, yet I’d consider that a veteran and sometimes completely necessary move.  It may not be ideal, but it gets the job done when you’re thrown for a loop.  Since the beginning of time people have been killed for less than eating finger foods with a fork and knife.  And I think that’s wrong, sue me.

There are two way more egregious crimes being committed here than trying not to get crumbs all over your $10,000 suit.  One – I don’t see one biscuit anywhere on that plane.  Total psycho move to not get biscuits from KFC.  The biscuits are better than the chicken.  Unless he ate the biscuit first which is entirely possible.  Happens to the best of us.  But I may be giving Uncle Donald too much credit.  He omitted biscuits from his order, and that’s absolutely deplorable and unforgivable.  Two – the gravy is closed.  He’s ready to eat the chicken without even opening the side of gravy.  Opening the gravy is the very first thing to do when you get KFC.  If you haven’t tried a spoonful of the gravy before even looking at the chicken, then you haven’t had a true KFC experience.  As a matter of fact, when you get ANY side dishes with ANY meal, it’s an unwritten law to open up all the sides and position them around the table within arms reach.  You should be able to go after any container at any time, everyone knows that.

You could make the argument that this is actually a brilliant move on Donamd Trump’s part.  Perhaps he’s a genius ahead of his time, like when Costanza started eating his Snickers with fork and knife.  Soon enough we’ll all be cutting our bucket of Original Recipe.  The people of the United States have also failed to recognize how much of a power move it is to eat KFC on your private jet.  Donald Trump can have whatever he wants to eat, but decided to indulge on Kentucky Fried Chicken, albeit no biscuits.  That’s a “man of the people” move.  None of that fancy shit, I want some fried chicken.  You cannot hate on that.





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