Rob Gronkowski Is A Poet And Philosopher

Some people just have a way with words.  This was beautiful, Rob.  Thank you.  And well said, if I may add.  I bet most people think there’s a deeper underlying metaphor between the lines.  There has to be some profound meaning to this sequence of words and emojis.  It has to stand for something greater than its appearance at face value.  Nope.  Just Gronk spitting the truth because that’s all he knows.  If your keys are in the car, they’re not lost.  But when the car gets stolen, now your car is lost.  Makes complete sense, but we needed Gronk to bring it to light for us.  If only more people were as eloquent as Rob Gronkowski.  This is a friendly reminder that it’s Gronk’s world, and we, civilians, are just living in it.  We’re peons compared to Gronk and the crew he rolls with.  Must be nice to walk around at 6’6″, catching touchdowns, 69ing chicks all over the place, crushing beers, spitting poetry, and educating the youth with some philosophy.

If you don’t love Gronk you have a big dump in your pants.




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