Rio Coke Dealers Are Using The Olympic Logo On Their Bags But Are Also “For The Kids”


I think a hat tip is in order for the coke dealers out in the streets of Rio De Janeiro.  Seriously, amid all of the disaster surrounding the Summer Olympics, Brazil really needs a victory.  Any official who says they don’t want that victory to come in the form of drug dealers looking out for children is a liar.  A win is a win is a win.  Stadiums are falling apart, the hotels in Olympic Village have no hot water, arrivees at the airport are legitimately being welcomed to “Hell”, but the cocaine industry is standing tall.

I’ve seen City of God.  Let’s just say Brazil isn’t exactly Candyland.  You’re rolling the dice if you elect to buy strange cocaine from a sketchball in the slums.  That’s Russian Roulette with 5 loaded barrels.  But Rio 2016 coke is entirely different.  Olympic blow is that real, pure shit.  You need to create a competitive advantage for yourself in a volatile industry such as the cocaine industry.  Stick the Olympic logo on the baggy and put your competitor out in the streets in the process.  The Brazilian drug dealer has no chance against the Rio Olympics drug lord.  Facts only.

What a nice touch advising against usage mesr children.  It very clearly says “use longe das criancas”.  It’s in the fine print, no ifs ands or buts about it.  There’s no vagueness or confusion.  It’s a crystal clear warning.  Name another time where your dealer specifically told you to keep your drugs away from kids.  Can’t do it.  This may be exactly what Rio needed to successfully host the Summer Games.  It’s a heartfelt story that people from all across the globe can rally behind.  I can see the headlines now.  “Rio is For The Kids!”  “Rio is FTK!”

PS – It doesn’t say kids can’t use it.  It just says don’t use the coke around kids.  This is Brazil after all, can’t break character completely.




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