A Quick Message To All My Friends On The Pokemon Grind


My message is simple: you must watch this video before you continue on your quest to catch em all.  Consider this a prelude to your journey.  This is a Youtube classic and a staple of my history on the internet.  Until you are educated about the legend that is Snorlax, you don’t deserve to catch any Pokemon.  Have some respect for the greatest Pokemon in the game.  Understand him before you seek out to capture him.  Not even Eevee who I hear is easier to catch than chlamydia at Delilah’s Den.  Things to remember as you are out there in the streets looking for cartoons:

  • Fuckin Snorlax owns.  In this movie and in real life.
  • Snorlax holds all the Pokemon.
  • Snorlax is huge.  He’s more ripped than you.
  • Don’t make fun of Snorlax.
  • If they didn’t have that guy (Snorlax), you’d be fuckin done.
  • You can’t pull 10 Pokemon.  Facts only.
  • There are no dragon Pokemon.
  • The trees are huge.  And his name is Wigglytuff.

There ya have it.  That’s the guide to being successful at catching Pokemon.  It’s important to know where you came from before you can decide where you’re going.  I bet you didn’t know Pokemon could be so profound.  Now you know.  And now you know about Snorlax and one of the funniest Youtube videos of all time.  I’m not into this new Pokemon fad, but I have no issue or take no umbrage to all of you who are.  I was never super into it so this just doesn’t move the needle for me unfortunately.  Snorlax the GOAT.

Also this one’s great:



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