NCAA To Allow #1 March Madness Seed To Pick Their Game Location

Bleacher Report:  The NCAA announced that the top overall seed in the NCAA basketball tournament will now get to pick its first- and second-round host site, according to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports. “Preferences would be communicated by teams in contention for the overall No. 1 seed far in advance of Selection Sunday in a process to be determined,” the NCAA said in a statement, per Norlander. The selection committee will still assign host cities to the remainder of the field, including the three other No. 1 seeds, giving the top overall seed a significant advantage over every other program in the country. The top seed will determine its host site but will have no say in which opponents it faces. …

Because the NCAA traditionally gives preference to the top overall seed anyway when establishing where the top seeds will be placed, this change likely won’t dramatically alter the selection committee’s process, if at all. But it’s more reason for the nation’s top programs to gun for the top overall seed and secure their most beneficial placement.

This is a perfect example of trying to fix something that’s not broken.  Why is this happening?  Why is the NCAA doing this?  I would imagine it’s simply out of the need to do something in the offseason during the quietest time of the year in sports.  They gotta find something to do to stay relevant.  And this is what they came up with.  Let the best team pick where they play.  As if they didn’t already have enough of a competitive advantage over a 16 seed.  Most of those games are essentially home games anyway in terms of proximity to the campus.  AND the 1 seeds are powerhouse teams with massive followings.  Pitted up against the at-large School of the Blind from the Sunbelt Conference, it’s so fucking stupid to let them HAND PICK which stadium they get to play in.

“The top seed will determine its host site but will have no say in which opponents it faces.”

I love this.  Shout out to Bleacher Report for getting their hands dirty to land the hard hitting details.  This is a classy move from the NCAA striving to maintain to integrity of the game.  “Okay, Kentucky.  You want your first two games at home?  No problem.  BUT you cannot choose which school you play, that would be unfair and unjust.  We need to uphold our the tradition of competition and fair play.”  Hat tip to you, NCAA.  Way to stand your ground.  Firm but fair.  Love it.

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I see zero benefit to this.  And my eyes are perfect.  When I go to the doctor and they want me to stand across the hallway and cover one eye to read that letter chart, I tell him we’ll just skip it.  So yeah, you can see my sight is fine.  The NCAA does some dumb things.  Or in the case of paying college athletes, the NCAA is also privy to not doing things as well.  This may take the cake.  When I read this, I’m reading that the NCAA is trying to decrease the amount of good games potentially by 2.  When you’re allowing the best team in the tournament to pick where their first 2 games are, the possibility of those games being close/exciting games drops dramatically.  The 1/16 game is a blowout anyway, why pile it on?  Grow up, NCAA.



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