Is It Okay To Throw Your Trash In Someone Else’s Garbage?

Here’s the backstory.  Yesterday I am on the porch of The Estate in Belmar, also known as “my house”.  It started pouring and everyone from the beach frantically ran to their cars.  It was a hilarious scene actually, watching these poor schlubs lugging around beach chairs and wet towels trying to get out of the rain.  Two women and a few kids got to their truck parked right out in front of us.  One of the kids looked like Terrio.  Not relevant at all to the story, but it paints a better picture envisioning a fat kid with his ass crack hanging out dragging wet towels down the block.  The two women are loading their stuff into the car while the kids are dry inside the car (classic).  All of a sudden one woman walks onto our property and tosses something onto the side of our house.  I looked at my friends in confusion because none of us were entirely sure what had just happened.  Obviously, I had to say something.

“What was that?” I said.  She turned around and said “my daughter’s toy”.  I asked “why did you throw it over there?”  She responded with “I threw it in the trash.”  Rather than picking a fight with her, I ignored her and let her think what she did was okay.  Even though it is absolutely NOT okay.  So now I have to ask the question.  Am I wrong or am I right to be outraged?  Is it acceptable to throw your garbage in somebody else’s personal trash can?  If you ask me, no it’s not.  It would be one thing if our trash was out on the curb and she just put something on top of it.  But she literally walked onto our property to the side of the house to throw HER garbage in OUR trash can.  In MY trash can!  I couldn’t believe what my eyes had seen.  And the worst part is how casual she was about it.  She thinks that’s totally normal and acceptable behavior.  Umm we have rules out here in this society.  If everyone ran around town tossing garbage everywhere, we’d be living in filth and complete anarchy.  I’m still heated about it.  How dare she?!  The audacity!

Find your own garbage.  Fuck that shit, man.




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