Rutgers Transformation Continues With Ditching Pepsi For Coke

NJ:  In the latest twist in a multimillion-dollar campus cola war, Rutgers University is dumping Pepsi and will once again sell and serve Coca-Cola when students return this fall.  A decade after dropping Coke in favor of Pepsi, the university has agreed to bring back Coke as the exclusive supplier of soft drinks and other beverages on its campuses, spokesman Greg Trevor said. …

The deals also come with extra perks; Pepsi made commemorative soda cans for Rutgers, including a limited-edition 250th anniversary can that debuted last year. …

Rutgers began the process of switching brands in its dining halls and vending machines on July 1, he said.

I’m the first to bash RU when it comes to just about everything whether it be their embarrassing public relations, incompetent administrators, lackluster athletics, etc.  But it’s only fair to give them credit when deserved, and it is well deserved today.  Scrapping Pepsi for Coke is yet another step towards the transformation of Rutgers.  It’s a long road ahead of renovating facilities and earning a newfound respect in the world of athletics, but sometimes the small victories go a long way.  Without ever stepping foot on campus you would know Rutgers has been a Pepsi school.  It’s so obvious and so Rutgers it hurts.  I don’t care about contracts, RU should have done away with gross Pepsi years ago.  There’s no study to prove my theory but everyone knows winning teams and winning schools supply Coca Cola products on campus.  Pepsi doesn’t even hold a candle to Coke, and that’s precisely why Rutgers hasn’t had one iota of success over the last decade.

The Mets just did the same thing (as I suggested to them).  Perennial losers do away with Pepsi products and there are most likely sunny days in the future.  It’s nice to have Rutgers on the Good Guys team supplying Coke and Sprite instead of Pepsi and Sierra fuckin Mist.  The Scarlet Knights have turned another stone on the pathway to better times.  Are we there yet?  No siree, not even close.  But you can see it out there on the horizon.  The football program has a Top 25 2017 recruiting class after securing some of the nation’s top talent from New Jersey instead of focusing elsewhere.  Chris Ash has been pedal to the medal since being hired by Bad Boy Patty Hobbs (new nickname that I just made) to coach the football team.  Steve Pikiell has done more in the last 2 months for the basketball program than Eddie Jordan did in his entire Rutgers tenure.

Let’s get the grease trucks all back in one location and then we’ll be on our way.  Rutgers is undergoing a major overhaul with some serious groundwork to lay, but partnering up with Coca Cola and telling Pepsi to get fucked is a BIG step forward.  FORWARD.  Go Knights.




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