Let’s Take A Live Look In On Kobe Bryant’s Retirement


Some people don’t take well to big changes, like retirement.  Take Brett Favre for example.  Dude retired and unretired like seven times.  As someone with 8 months of retirement under my belt back in the day, I can tell you first hand that you need to keep yourself busy.  For me I found that working out, reading, writing, and watching Property Brothers kept me busy and focused.  Old people retire and move to Boca and play golf and shuffleboard and hit the early bird special for dinner at 3pm.  But not Kobe.  He’s way too cool for any conventional, run of the mill retirement.

When you’re Kobe Bryant, you gotta do it big.  If that means hanging with Snoop Dogg and getting high as FUCK then so be it.  If that means posting pictures of your high times with D-O-double G even though your eyes are as red as the devil’s dick, THEN SO BE IT.  Bitch I’m Kobe I do what I want.  For real though, this is what it’s all about.  Basketball is behind him as he takes on new, exciting endeavors in his life.  One could say that his life, a new life, has only just begun.  It may be a life full of weed and Visine.  It may not.  But to judge him for that would be out of jealousy and nothing else.

Happy Retirement Kobe.  You seem to be adjusting quite well to your time off.  Keep blazin, homie.





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