ESPN Mets Writer Adam Rubin Is A Cry Baby


Back story: After a poor performance Monday night against the Nats, Noah Syndergaard was pulled from the game which we later found out was attributed to a flared up elbow.  Word surfaced that he may have had a bone spur, the same injury identified for Steven Matz.  Thor denied the injury repeatedly.  He was interviewed by the press after the game and said he was fine and does not have a bone spur.  Yesterday morning we got confirmation that he does in fact have a bone spur in his elbow.

Adam Rubin, the cry baby Mets writer who works at ESPN, took offense to being “lied to” by Syndergaard (SEE: tweets above).  And at today’s pre game media session, Syndergaard brought a box of tissues specifically for Adam Rubin’s impending “waterworks” outburst.  And rightfully so.  Hey, Adam.  How about fuck you, man?  Get out of town with that garbage.  No seriously, get out of town.  If this is the kind of stuff that hurts his feelings, perhaps he should do some soul searching and find a career working with bunny rabbits who can’t verbally be mean to him.

This tweet in particular bothered me:


This guy has got some nerve trying to play the victim and feeling sorry for himself.  How dare you, Rubin.  This asshole thinks Mets fans will cheer next time he strikes out 12 and goes 8 innings EVEN THOUGH HE LIED TO ADAM RUBIN.  Uhhhh yeah man, no fucking shit.  And he takes umbrage to that because of trying to downplay an injury that he’s going to pitch through.  I’m sure Adam Rubin would find it fair if fans chanted “LIAR, LIAR, LIAR” next time Thor stepped onto the mound.  What kind of beat writer is this jabroni?  Him and Michael Baron can suck a bag of dicks.

Obviously Syndergaard is going to say he’s fine.  He’s a goddamn competitor.  He’s furious with himself every time he makes a mistake on the mound.  That’s passion.  No true competitor would ever blame a bad outing on an injury.  He faced the music and took responsibility for a shitty night.  But Adam Fuckin Rubin won’t stand for being lied to.  It triggers his PTSD of the time Carlos Delgado lied to him over ten years ago.  Wow twice in one lifetime he was lied to by a professional athlete about an injury they were downplaying.  How does Rubin even have the guts to go to work everyday?  What a rough life.

This outcry about how the “relationship changes” when someone tells him something untrue is nothing more than a hot pile of garbage.  It’s pure rubbish.  Adam Rubin will never rely on Syndergaard’s word again because he Thor denied a bone spur when, in fact, he had a bone spur.  AND he decided to group all reporters together under the “lied to by Noah Syndergaard” umbrella.  Bro that’s not how it works.  Nobody else is crying about this.  Thor didn’t bring a BOX OF TISSUES for anybody else.  You’re own your own fuckboy.  Noah Syndergaard is a GOD in Flushing.  Adam Rubin is more replaceable than Alejandro De Aza.  The people of New York love and worship Thor like the centaur that he is.  Nobody even knows who Adam Rubin is.

I’ve never loved Rubin as I feel most beat writers are nerdy losers with a score to settle; specifically with him, he comes off as a try hard looking to make things about him (this is a perfect example).  It drives me insane when they remain objective instead of acting like a FAN and reporting as such.  His little “OH NO” shtick is older than old.  With that said, I’ve tolerated him.  That ends today.  I do not respect him as a journalist.  I do not respect him as a professional.  I do not respect him as a man.  When he thinks the players owe him something after he pulls shit like this, I find it hard to believe that anyone can take him seriously or respect his opinion on anything.  You’re nothing more than a troll and a goon.




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