This Kid Stole The Show At The College World Series


Seems rather obvious but I’ll put it in words and say this kid is a straight up Lady Killer.  Those moves though!  Electric!  Those are moves that take hours upon hours of rehearsal.  The type of moves that you learn by locking yourself in the bathroom with I’m Too Sexy on repeat checking yourself out in the mirror and getting the rhythm right until you can’t get enough of yourself.  Don’t know who was playing.  Don’t know who won. Don’t care.  It was ALL about this Casanova stealing the spotlight and winning the hearts of teenage girls all across the nation.

I can’t even imagine the looks he’s shooting across the classroom to girls at school.  He’s probably bagging teachers in between class with those skills.  The wiggles, the eyebrows, the shoulders, the eyes, a perfect combination, a perfect sequence of events.  They’re probably gonna have to ship him off to an all boys boarding school soon for being a distraction in class with girls gushing over him, scratching and clawing to get a glimpse of him through the cafeteria.

Some people are just born with the innate ability to grab life by its horns and shine in the spotlight.  My man was born ready for a moment like this.  Saw the camera and didn’t hesitate for a second.  It was all natural and it was awesome.  Type A personality and a born entertainer.  You can tell just from the look his mom gave.  It was like a “Here he goes again” look.  He didn’t blink.  And more importantly he didn’t break character once.  Love it.

So seductive.




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