It’s Officially Shark Week Again. My Column Here:

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again.  Shark Week is upon on as last, and it’s time for everyone to come out of the clouds proclaiming their love for sharks and the week dedicated to those magnificent beasts. 99.9% of them don’t say boo about sharks the other 51 weeks of the year, but who am I to tell you what your level of affection is towards sharks?

Typically there are two types of people that speak up around this time of year.  As touched on above, there are the people who absolutely love Shark Week.  The “can’t get enough, totally enthralled” shark fans.  They WILL tell you they love Shark Week because that’s just what they do.  “The sharks would probably want me to profess my love publicly” – those people (probably).

And there are the haters, of course.  The “Shark Week may be the most overrated event ever” people.  This group has grown more vocal over the years and have seemed to drown out the sound of the Shark Week fanatics.  Maybe they’re trying to ruin a good time because they’re not on the “in” (by choice, mind you).  Odds are they’ve never really given in a chance or haven’t watched the right program; this could be accredited to bad timing based on tv schedule.

For a while I thought I was in that latter group.  I never really got it, didn’t see the appeal in Shark Week despite not having any feelings one way or the other about sharks specifically.  But I actually like sharks.  And while I’m not crazy over Shark Week, I will say it’s nice and convenient to have one centralized location in the form of a cable network to watch shows dedicated specifically to sharks.  I don’t watch a single shark TV program during any non Shark Week week.  But I like the idea of Shark Week.

With that being said, I’ve seen some good shark shows and some bad ones.  And I get the vibe that they run the same 12 shows on a loop.  If only more people got attacked by sharks every year, Discovery Channel would have a lot more material to roll out.  Anything shark attack related has my full attention. Nothing gets my dick hard like a good old fashioned shark attack.  You simply can’t beat it.  I’m also pretty locked in for “close calls” or close encounters; a true roller coaster of emotions.  The best Shark Week specials are the ones where those PSYCHOPATHS go down in one of those cages to film and provoke the sharks.  At any moment that can go terribly wrong.

So where do I stand on the matter?  I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle, but when it comes to Shark Week you almost have to pick a side.  You have to draw a line in the sand because the two sides go to war every year at exactly this time.  Give me the pro-Shark Week people on my side.  As long as they don’t pretend to love sharks and watch shark shows all year round.  You can lie to me about it, but don’t lie to yourself.  Pro tip.




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